SportsEngine Registration: New Jersey Amateur Baseball League

2023 Team Verbal Commitment Form


Welcome to the New Jersey Amateur Baseball League

This form will officially register your team for one of our 2022 baseball seasons with the New Jersey Amateur Baseball League, and should be filled out by the team manager. 

By submitting, as manager you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Manager is responsible for collecting fees and making league & umpire payments promptly.

2. Ensure you have a full team in place each weekend to avoid forfeits

3. Promote fair play and abide by the Code of Conduct in place with the NJABL, as outlined in the official Code of Conduct under the "About" section of the homepage

4. Will read and enforce all league rules, which are listed in the "About" section of our homepage.

5. Will communicate with the league on any issues promptly and accordingly

6. Will keep the team roster current & enter all stats in accordance with league rules

7. By submitting this form, your team is making a verbal commitment to play in the league for 2022 and this does NOT constitute an exchange of services. Only upon payment for the 2022 season are services agreed on and exchanged with the league, and the team will appear on the league schedule. 

8. As manager, you will have all players sign the official league waiver prior to participation in league games. 

You may make a $300 deposit for the season to the league via Venmo (@Tim-Ritchie), Paypal ( or via check payable to NJABL. Other options may be available, please inquire with us at 



Please direct any questions to: 




Michael Mazzolla

Michael Mazzolla


Phone: 9737102061